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Why is everyone going Vegan?

Instacart rated Orlando as 22% up in the plant -based meat market this year. Everywhere you look there’s “impossible” this or “plant based” that. So why is Orlando the second biggest city to grow in the US?

To put it simply, we are making healthier choices! According to Instacart’s data, you can find here, people that buy plant based products tend to buy healthier groceries overall, such as fruits and veggies. Animal eaters + drinkers tend to purchase less healthy options like canned + frozen foods and baked goods. You can’t fight the proof!

Quarantine has taught us a lot about the world and ourselves. Lots of people are looking to make healthier choices with their eating habits. Everywhere I look I’m seeing new vegan products and people talking about veganism.

Although not everyone is jumping on the vegan bandwagon 100%, lots of people are choosing to balance their diet out with less animal products. Many omnivores are adding tofu & impossible burgers to their weekly diets in addition to milk and cheese alternatives. What a time to be alive!

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