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Who-Liday Spectaular and Grinchmas at Universal Orlando

'Tis the season to be jolly... unless you're the Grinch! I was SO excited to experience my first holiday season as a Universal Orlando Annual Passholder. You get the holiday vibe right as you step foot into CityWalk with lights, music, and decor everywhere! From Grinchmas, Macy's Day Parade, Hogwarts castle show, and Citywalk's Red & Green Coconut Club- and I still didn't see it all this year !!

Although I didn't get to meet the Grinch this year (#1 on the to-do list for next holiday), I did get to enjoy most of Universal's holiday celebration- starting with Grinchmas itself. You may guess by the name, but this is an actual live stage performance of How The Grinch Stole Christmas by Dr. Suess, hosted right in Suess Landing within their Island of Adventure theme park. Including a real dog actor playing Max!

Next, I headed over to Universal Studios for the nightly Macy's Day Parade. I was impressed with the size of the floats- I really felt like we were in New York (not that I've ever experienced a real New York Macy's Day Parade...). The floats were tied down with strings and walked through the parade with decorated people dancing and singing their way along the route. The minion float was among my favorites, closely followed by Santa Claus himself- including snowfall!

Back at Island of Adventure, you'll find their nighttime holiday show displayed on Hogwarts castle. This is a breathtaking show as-is, and the holiday touches made it even more memorable! From a beautiful Christmas tree to caroling ghosts and features from the Yule Ball and Weasley's Wizard Wheezes- it truly is a sight to see. The snow topped buildings in Hogsmeade along with the holidays lights really made it feel like Christmas.

Finally, we stopped by the Red & Green Coconut Club at CityWalk on the way out! Although the drinks were all on the sweeter side, I loved the atmosphere, decorations, music, and dance floor. It was also cool to learn that a lot of their seasonal employees stay on from Halloween Horror Nights to help with Who-Lidays at Universal!

Have you gotten the chance to enjoy Universal's Who-liday Celebration?

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