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Vegaunary Celebration - Orlando Bearded Vegan Events Review

Saturday, January 15th, we attended the Veganuary celebration at Persimmon Hollow Brewery put on by Orlando Bearded Vegan Events. OBVE hosts vegan outlets at Persimmon a few times a month, and I try to attend as much as I can. Veganuary was busier than ever! Here were a few of my highlights.

Mind and Soul Workshop with Sophia's Soul Care (main photo). We paired up into groups (featuring my friend Jackie!) and dug deep into ourselves as we explained to each other our goals of 2022. I loved this interactive workshop! Jackie and I discovered more about each other and ourselves, and we each gifted a gemstone to our partners at the end.

Buffalo Cauliflower Mac and Cheese Crunch Wrap from Seasoned Green. With three of my favorite things combined into one, I couldn't wait to try this! I literally ate the entire thing- and made a mess - the avocado salsa drizzle on top was absolutely amazing.

Do It Vegan - my all-time favorite vegan couple. I love their custom t-shirts, tanks, and hoodies as much as I love their crystal and handmade items such as charging trays, pyramids, and toking essentials. Their newest product is their handmade Marijuana Leaf sticker- with an actual leaf inside! I love how they put their passions and creativity into their business. (Check out their instagram here).

FLORA Plant Based Cuisine. Jackie ordered the Ecuadorian Potato & Peanut Sauce - which was totally delicious. You really taste the love in their foods! I also love that 100% of their profits go to the regeneration of the Ecuadorian rainforests.

My favorite vegan dessert from Brazilian Fun Foods. Featuring their new Peppermint S'mores churro - made in an air fryer. It tasted exactly like a Peppermint Mocha from Starbucks - but vegan, and more delicious! Matt's creativity shines through his amazing (and surprisingly healthy) snacks and desserts. (Check out their instagram here).

Huge shoutout to Orlando Bearded Vegan Events! These events feel like your typical farmers market (but vegan!) - I can shop, eat, meet and support local businesses all in one. They provide a wonderful spot for vegans and non-vegans to come together in a fun way to support the Orlando community.

Have you attended an OBVE event before? If haven't and you're interested in trying it out, check them out on instagram and facebook - or let me know and we can go together!

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