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Vegan Crab Cake Sandwich - Magic Kingdom

In honor of Walt Disney World's 50th Anniversary this year, they added a number of additional food and beverage menu options to celebrate the occasion! My favorite is the Doom Burger at Columbia Harbour House in Magic Kingdom! I love the burger almost as much and I love their reference to the Haunted Mansion 'Doom Buggies.'

I'm a very picky eater- even when it comes to vegan food. I never liked seafood as a kid because of the slimy texture. I was a little nervous to try the 'vegan crab cake sandwich' even if it is 100% vegan- but I was HIGHLY impressed! It has a nice crispy breading on the outside with powerful flavor in each bite!

I really enjoyed the red onion and cabbage slaw toppings- and the Honey Mustard (Heinz vegan version in the parks) was the perfect sauce addition. I let my mom (non-vegan) try a bite, and had to steal it back from her!

Seeing that the 50th Anniversary celebration is coming to an end in March of 2023, I really hope they keep this plant-based option forever! What has been your favorite 50th Anniversary Celebration food or drink?

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