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Vegan Cannonball - Earl of Sandwich

Earl of Sandwich debuted their first 'official' vegan-friendly sandwich this year- with vegan meatballs covered in melted vegan cheese on a deliciously toasted bun. I remember ordering a veggie sandwich back in the day with peppers and mushrooms- they really have come a long way!

Although the released this menu item a few months ago, I was able to try it this holiday season while doing some shopping at Disney Springs.

This Disney Springs location is always busy, but the wait went by so quick! I waited in line to order and by the time I filled my drink cup (Rootbeer for the win!) my order was ready.

I found a cute seat under a tree and decided to dig in! I couldn't contain my excitement- the meatballs were the perfect temperature and the cheese was melted just right! What a great full meal with a sandwich, side, and drink for under $15!

Have you ever tried Earl of Sanwich before?

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