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TRON Lightcycle / Run Cast Preview

Who's ready to enter the grid!?

April 4th, TRON will make its public debut to the public in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom theme park. As always, Disney hosts previews for their cast members, annual pass holder, and Disney Vacation Club members prior to the official opening.

So basically, this is my Disney dream come true!

So basically, this is my Disney dream come true!! TRON is basically in the middle of Tomorrowland- to the left of Space Mountain (where the walking path to Fantasyland with a smoking section used to be), so we got to enter right through the main entrance to Magic Kingdom.

I'd highly recommend riding at night because the light display is absolutely beautiful!! I'm riding again tomorrow during the day for comparison, (will edit in!). Security is pretty tight for the ride because everyone is so excited! Once they validated our wristbands, we continued our walk directly up the giant TRON sign.

Photo pass is available out front near the TRON sign and also under the pavilion to get cool shots with the coaster in the background. The line went by pretty fast because there's so much to look at, along with watching the coaster launch every few minutes. I absolutely loved the launches because of all the beautiful color changes!

After getting to the front of the line, we used their new double-sided lockers to store our bags and headed to the next line. This walks you through a dark room where you actually walk above the launch- so if you time it right, you could see the coaster below! We loaded up onto our light cycles and headed out to conquer Team Orange.

The bike seats are totally controversial!! I didn't find them very comfortable, but I loved the laying down design to feel more immersive. Your feet and legs also get locked in, so I felt even safer. After the ride, we were directed to the backside of the lockers to retrieve our belongings. I stuck around to get some photos and just soak up how beautiful this is at night!

TRON will be opening with a virtual queue and Individual Lightning Lane option, so I'm hoping this means Guardians will transition into a standby line! What are your thoughts on the new TRON opening?

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