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The Vacation Crasher - Spring Break 2023

Instead of crashing people’s weddings, I prefer to crash people’s vacations (perks of being an Orlandorian). I’ve always loved when family or friends would come visit from out of state, but now that I’m living in Orlando I have friends and family coming to visit (not just me) almost every month.

The biggest reason I decided to move to Orlando was to follow my love of theme parks. I’ve always been ‘the Disney friend’ and living in South Florida, I drove up once a month to visit the Disney theme parks. Now that I can go every day, it’s like a dream come true! Not to mention my new found love for Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios!

So when my brothers announced they had gotten an Airbnb in Orlando for Spring Break, I was overjoyed with excitement! I even crashed their house one night for a slumber party. Spring Break is definitely not my preferred time to visit with the crowds longer than usual, but it was really great spending time together and watching the 2 new firework shows- EPCOT Forever and Happily Ever After!

Monday was the debut of Happily Ever After, which I was SO blessed to see front and center in Magic Kingdom (sorry family, Magic Kingdom was blocked out!!). They still watched from Disney's Polynesian Village Resort :-)

Tuesday night we reunited for Cameron’s first ever visit to EPCOT. We didn’t do too many rides, but we did enjoy lots of food and drinks from The Flower and Garden Festival and ended with EPCOT Forever fireworks. Wednesday we did some shopping at Disney Springs followed by wine-down Wednesday at ‘home.’

Thursday we spent the entire day in Hollywood Studios and hopped to Magic Kingdom for Happily Ever After (special shout out to Woody’s Lunchbox for their amazing lunch and fun vegan options). Friday night we started at EPCOT once again and hopped to Magic Kingdom to see Happily Ever After one more time. We all cried on the ferryboat back to our cars and said goodbye as they embarked back to Virginia.

So am I a vacation crasher? Well, my younger brother was just here with his band competition in January where I spent loads of time at Universal Studios and IOA with them. This is a great way for me to catch up with friends and family, plus I get to do what I enjoy most- eat, drink, and ride rides!

How do you feel about visiting the theme parks as a local Orlandorian?

More photos from our week of fun:

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