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The Krazy Greek – Winter Haven

I have always been a big fan of Greek cuisine… honestly, any person who is a fan of hummus, how could you not love it? Hummus and olives are two of my favorite foods! When deciding on lunch one day, I asked my Uncle if he’d like to have Greek, and he was so excited! Apparently my Aunt really hates Greek cuisine, and he hadn’t had it in a very long time. In between apartment hunting, we used Google Maps to find The Krazy Greek in Winter Haven.

We arrived to this adorable, stand alone restaurant and eagerly headed inside with hungry bellies. Having a specific diet, my uncle was unsure they’d have vegan options for me, but I assured him they would. I was so excited to try the Veggie Pita- hummus, lettuce, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, and black olives (I ordered it with no tzatziki). We ordered at the counter, filled up our cups at the soda station, and found a cozy table by the window. It was the middle of the day on a Tuesday, so I wasn’t surprised there was only one other table dining in (and they also have a walk-up window for take out orders). Our food was ready in just a few minutes, and my uncle went back up to the counter and brought our plates over.

I loved the presentation- each sandwich was wrapped perfectly in it’s foil cover and held together with a wood pick that was decorated with the Greek flag on top. The wrap was conveniently perfect to keep your sandwich from falling apart as you eat it; you slowly pull the foil down as you chew, and even the extra liquid gets caught in the bottom of the foil. Absolutely genius!

Very different than the infamous Greek Gyro that my uncle ordered, I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of our foods was about the same. However, I finished eating in half the time if took my uncle- it was that delicious! Unfortunately my uncle’s Gyro made a bigger mess than my Veggie Pita, and he was able to use the plastic cutlery to get each and every bite in. We took turns washing our hands in the restrooms, filled our cups again, and thanked them for the amazing lunch!

I would highly recommend The Krazy Greek to those who are vegan, carnivores, omnivores, even those who have never tried Greek before! They had a pretty extensive menu selection, it was fast service, dine in available, and absolutely finger-licking-good. Try it out and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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