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@ The Diner- Vegan Breakfast of Champs

When most people imagine of a nutritious all-American breakfast, what comes to mind? Typically my friends want eggs, bacon, toast, and hash browns. As a longtime vegan, I am not shocked to see most breakfast places only offering a fruit cup or salad with no cheese or dressing. Imagine my delight when I did a Google search for “diner food” and found a local, family owned business just five minutes down the road, that happened to serve Avocado Toast!

People that know me would say I am a huge foodie and love trying new places. Plus, I have always loved supporting small businesses instead of larger chains (as much as I love those too). #SupportLocal

From the moment I walked in I was excited! I loved the colorful walls and art decor around the room, and they even had a bar- yay! We arrived at about 9AM and the host told us it would be a thirty minute wait… I was kind of shocked because 1) I had never heard of this place (unlike IHOP or Denny’s) and 2) there was no one waiting in the front area. Then we realized people were waiting in their cars, obviously I am still adjusting to the COVID norms of society. About twenty minutes later we got a text that our table for two was ready and we headed back inside.

I always start my day with coffee, so this is where it began. Unfortunately they only had dairy creamers, but a little sugar did the trick. My friend needed a little more time to decide- everything looked so delicious and they offer their breakfast and lunch menus all day. If I were not a vegan, I probably would have tried out their French Toast options (Nutella & Banana, Strawberry Cream) or signature Pancakes (Oreo Crunch, Rainbow Sprinkle, Boston Cream). They also offer a Gluten Free option for pancakes and waffles, too!

I was expecting a small piece of toast with a little avocado, so I also ordered a fruit bowl to start my day ahead. I was overly joyed to see my Avocado Toast not only had multiple avocado slices, but a tomato slice on each toast, and smashed avocado as the base (like a breakfast guacamole). The pineapple spear was a very nice touch as a garnish, too! My friend got the omelette with bacon, hash browns, and toast. In typical diner spirit, they had flavored jellies on the table and butter to add some flavor (not for me, but again, a nice touch).

@ The Diner had an overall delightful vibe about it and the staff was very kind; they seemed to love what they do. I can see why they were on a wait so early in the morning! Next time I plan on indulging in their Bottomless Mimosas; bubbles and avocado tend to go great together. Thank you, Google!

9938 Universal Blvd

Orlando, FL 32819

M-F 7AM – 3PM

@ The Diner, Lake Cay Commons

(407) 237 – 7687

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