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Sunday Brunch @ Bacon B!tch Orlando (& a vegan option!)

Drinks, music, dancing, and delicious food- all in one place! Bacon B!tch has officially brought Miami to Orlando at their newest location near UCF. This is not just a brunch, but a full on brunch party. Bacon B!tch is a TikTok-famous brand that has just opened in Orlando, and we were so excited to try them out! I told my friends to dress Instagrammable... but I was not expecting them to show up in Squid Games costumes. They blended right in with this Miami-club-scene brunch spot as we danced our way to our table.

Let's talk about design! I love the black and white decor with accents of green. This entire place is ready for a photo-op! The music is on the louder side (giving it the Miami-club vibe) with a soundtrack better than some DJ's- from top hits to rap and hip-hop.

Of course we started off with drinks- featuring the 2 classic Miami's, Classic Mojito,, Strawberry Mojito, and Strawberry Margarita. We ordered our brunch and were jamming to the great music- when all of a sudden everyone started dancing! Guests were singing and dancing along throughout the restaurant, and it was such a fun experience for us! With our food, we also enjoyed a round of Pineapple Mimosas- delish! All of the drinks are definitely on the sweeter side, but they have a full bar for those who don't like super sweets.

I was SO excited to learn they even had a vegan option! Under Naked Bitches is the Vegan - impossible beef, sauteed cabbage, spiced peppers & onion with crispy potatoes. My server recommended a side Croissant with my meal, and I made a little sandwich. Also featuring the The American, The Thick, and Boujee. The entire Bacon B!tch staff was helpful and fun!

Definitely dress to impress and bring your camera to this exciting new brunch experience. Have you ever been to Bacon B!tch before?

p.s. more photos below!

Bacon Bitch Orlando 12103 Collegiate Way, Orlando, FL 32817 Open daily from 8AM - 6PM

More Photos:

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