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Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure Sneak Preview – Opens October 1st!

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is set to debut to the public October 1st, 2021 in the France Pavilion at Epcot!

October 1st starts Disney’s 50th anniversary celebration- with even more food/drink options at their annual Food and Wine Festival and the grand opening of the new Remy’s Adventure.

As always, Disney Cast Members had the earliest preview into the newest ride. Unlike previous years, Disney also opened up sneak previews to Disney Vacation Club members and Annual Passholders. DVC had the opportunity to ‘sneak peak’ by making a reservation online for September 5th (when I went!), September 17th, and September 20th. You can sign up by responding to the email sent from DVC to your email on file. Current Disney Annual Passholders were also able to score some reservations with emails being sent out at the beginning of August.

The biggest thing that blew my mind was that they had an entire Ratatouille section, when I thought it was going to be just a ride! You enter on the right hand side of France under the new Ratatouille sign and enter into a whole street full of Ratatouille souvenirs, bathrooms, a new La Creperie de Paris restaurant, and at the end the beautiful Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure!

Of course I don’t want to spoil the entire experience for you, but I did want to share a few things.

  1. This is the same ride design as the Ratatouille Adventure in Disney Paris, if you’ve ever ridden that! (It’s on my bucket list to visit every Disneyland location in the world.)

  2. You ‘shrink’ to the size of a mouse for the experience and they use unbelievable technology to immerse all of your senses.

  3. The tiny rat mobile cars you ride in are even cuter in person!

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