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QueenPins Girls Night Out Advanced Screening – Cinemark Universal

I was invited September 9th to attend a Girls Night Out advanced screening of the new movie QueenPins that would be released on September 10th. I was SUPER excited for a number of reasons: 1. This was my first time in a movie theatre since Frozen 2 pre-covid 2. Girls Night Out!? That’s kind of my thing!! 3. I have a Universal pass, but didn’t know there was a movie theatre inside of CityWalk 4. Meeting new people- I couldn’t wait to see who else would be there

7PM on a Thursday was pretty busy at Universal, since Horror Nights just started. Luckily I get free valet (which I didn’t know was open) and prime with my premier pass, so I still parked pretty close. Down the escalators, through security, and down the walkway I found Cinemark Universal on the right!

There was a check in table right up front where they gave me all of my goodies! A QueenPins coupon holder (hilarious), a raffle ticket, a free popcorn and soda ticket, a free champagne ticket, and an exclusive QueenPins mask. I headed straight upstairs to the GNO theatre and found a fun photo opp set up for us right outside.

Before the show, four of us participated in a pre-movie game show where we had to guess the prices on groceries. 3 of us won $50 American Express gift cards and the winner won a $250 gift card! This was so fun and super sweet of them to do.

I ran downstairs to grab my soda, popcorn, and champagne before the movie began. I was so excited to find out the butter they use on their popcorn was vegan! Then I went to get comfy in their cushioned recliner chair to enjoy the movie- it was so nice!

I ended up sitting next to two women that were fellow bloggers and knew Michelle, the previous Director for Housewives in the City. We chatted on the way back to the parking deck about Orlando things and getting to know each other. What fun evening!

A huge thank you to Cinemark Universal for hosting us for Girls Night Out!

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