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Pirate's Dinner Adventure - Orlando (and they have a vegan option!)

One of my good friends Cassie wanted to celebrate her birthday by going to Orlando's Pirate Dinner Show VIP Experience. I'm always down for trying something new, and was delighted to see on their website a vegan option for food. What a fun time!

Reservations do need to be made, so you would choose your ticket type, meal choice, and pay in advance.

The VIP price included complimentary non-alcoholics, 2 glasses of wine/beer, appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Of course I chose the Tofu Dinner option- but the Pirate on the phone said they didn't have any vegan-friendly appetizer options... I was a little confused as to why I still had to pay $7 more for the tofu dinner upgrade when I wasn't getting an appetizer or dessert with it... but anyways!

I still highly recommend the VIP Package because it includes front row seating, complimentary parking ($8 fee), and a 15% merchandise discount in the gift shop. It practically pays for itself! We each got our own eye patch and pirate sash.

The showtime was 7PM and we met in the gift shop around 6:30PM. We headed into our seats - where our server brought us waters, took our drink order (Rose all day!), and Cassie got a Sampler appetizer. The centerpiece of the room was a giant pirate ship and all of the employees were dressed to the part. Kids were having a blast, and so were us three grown adults!

The crowd was divided into four sections by color with a leading Pirate. We were the Purple Team and our Pirate Leader was so fun! He asked for volunteers and of course I signed Cassie and I up to participate.

The story began as a Princess was traveling by sea and her ship was attacked by pirates. The adventure ensues where the pirates lock her and her mermaid away.. and well, I don't want to give the whole plot away! But, I loved the acrobatic portion and that at they had many interactive options for children and adults throughout the show. They even selected a few children from each colored section to go on the pirate ship- and 4 lucky guests got to paddle in small canoes with pirates around the pirate ship.

We stuck around to meet and greet with the cast and take some photos. Everyone was so fun, and the costumes were amazing. Special shout-out to our server Matt and our Purple Pirate Leader - Daniel!

Have you ever thought about doing the Pirate Dinner Adventure?

6400 Carrier Dr. Orlando, FL 32819

(407) 206-5102

2022 Showtimes

  • Tuesday to Friday at 7:30pm

  • Saturday at 4:00pm and 7:30pm

  • Sunday at 6:00pm

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