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Phil Bonanno – Local Artist

Meet Phil Bonanno, local musician and artist. You’ll find his bluesy, acoustic, soulful line up on the patio next to Dockside Margaritas in Disney Spring’s Marketplace. He plays guitar, sings, and even makes fun jokes between songs. It’s the perfect place to relax with a delicious refreshment, put your feet up, watch the sunset, and enjoy a very entertaining show.

He’s a part of duo The Mojo Tu, that plays locally as well. Professionally performing has been his full time gig for twelve years now, so he definitely knows how to entertain a crowd.

Originally from Florida, Phil performed on cruise ships for a number of years and ended up living in Cleveland selling instruments. A friend recommended him to an entertainment opening in Disney Springs. He said there were “1,000 plus people- jugglers, stilt walkers, everything like America’s Got Talent” and waited about two months to hear anything back from Disney. He was just “selling instruments, struggling, and living with friends” until he finally got the job. Cleveland didn’t have the same opportunity for local musicians to perform like Central Florida, and he was excited to be back closer to his family.

Aside from his Australian Shepard, Malla (Star Wars reference), he really doesn’t care for animals. unlike his girlfriend Olivia. They say opposites attract; she loves hunting, fishing, and horses. When asked about how he liked to spend his free time, Phil says, “Music, then stocks (Tesla, preferred), and maybe the girlfriend (Olivia).” See what I mean when I say he’s a funny guy?

In the future, Phil plans to write lots of music from the studio in his house, become a publisher, and help other smaller bands getting started. He has such a great personality, and is super fun and entertaining to watch. My family stumbled upon Phil one night while he was playing and we have been coming back ever since! Check out his website to see when and where he will be playing exactly, but we tend to find him on Wednesdays or Thursdays right next to Dockside Margaritas.

We’ve been coming to see him perform for a few years now, he’s practically part of the family! He loves interacting with guests and making people smile and laugh. I would recommend this trip for date night, family outings, and even a girl’s night on the water.

Check out his website here.

Facebook & Instagram: Phil Bonanno Music, @TheMojoTu

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