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pampering day at revive winter park – wellness spa

Dear me,

I am proud of how hard you work. I am proud of how strong you are. I am proud of all of the day to day responsibilities I take care of.

I deserve to reward myself.



——> Anyone else have conversations like this with themselves this week?

I was SO excited when the new Revive in Winter Park opened this past week. I have heard online all about this new ‘hydration’ spa idea and couldn’t wait to see what the rage was all about. This is Orlando’s first Revive location, although not new to Florida as a whole.

Revive officially opened on June 5th off of Fairbanks Ave in Winter Park, near the Ethos Vegan Kitchen. I know it’s technically a doctor’s office, but it felt like a spa oasis. I loved the atmosphere right from the beginning and was greeted by Mike, the owner. We got to talking and he explained all of their different services (IV hydration, botox, cryo facials, fillers, etc.). I loved Mike’s passion for wanting to help you be a healthier you.

First was the cryo facial, which I had never tried before. I was extremely impressed with the $20,000 machine that was going to make my face look and feel amazing. This modern technology allowed Mike to blast cold nitrogen air onto my face. He explained how the process works similarly to botox, but this is totally natural, 100% non-invasive and only $39.

Then I met up with Adrienne and Nikki. Nikki is their esthetician (botox, fillers, of the sorts) and Adrienne is their nurse. Adrienne checked all my vitals and after I was set up, I was free to relax in one of their beautiful white recliner chairs featuring a pillow and fuzzy blanket (pics above). Literally like heaven. She connected my IV bag and i kicked my feet up to relax! I could feel the cold rushing into my arm and a new wave of energy coming from the inside out.

My face was tight and bright, my body was hydrated, and I left there feeling like a million bucks! This fits right in with my lifestyle of caring for my body from the inside out, so I cannot wait to go back and feel refreshed again. Have you ever tried Revive??

** During the soft opening, Revive is offering a free trial IV (half sized) and gift bags to help promote their new biz!

354 W Fairbanks Ave, Winter Park, FL 32789

M, Tu, W, Fr 10am – 5pm; Sa 10am – 3pm

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