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My Favorite (not so secret) Vegan Foods

Not all vegan food is labeled vegan. To some, the term ‘vegan’ can be very confusing. Here are five of my favorite (not so secret) vegan foods you might already enjoy: 1. Oreos. Even the chocolate flavored crème Oreos. Including Oreo’s cereal! And I don’t discriminate when it comes to Oreo flavors, I truly love them all. I really enjoy trying all of the fun flavors they’ve been coming up with- my latest fave is Java Chip- coffee flavored crème with chocolate chips. Yum! 2. Ritz Crackers. I absolutely love that butter taste, and love even more that they don’t use *actual* butter. 3. Dark Chocolate. Most brands I’ve seen, but I would definitely always still check. Cocoa is naturally vegan, but becomes vegetarian when they add the milk and cream. 4. Baco’s. That little bottle of bacon bits you’ve been sprinkling on your salads and loaded mashed potatoes for ages… yep, they’re vegan! They’re made with a soy protein, and besides the sodium, are pretty healthy for you. 5. Pretzels. From the yummy peanut butter filled snack bites to the big, soft, giant pretzels you find in the theme parks (special shoutout Germany in Epcot!). Hold the ‘beer cheese’ and use mustard instead.

Hint: When shopping, I usually go straight to the Nutrition label and look at the bottoms of the ingredients list. Eggs and milk are two of the ‘The Big 8’ and legally must list any known allergens at the bottom in bold print. Generally scan the total ingredient list just to be sure there’s no ‘chicken broth’ or anything like that in it. However, there are a few fun foods that everyone loves, yet happen to be vegan!

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