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Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party 2022 - Vegan Treats!

There are two types of Halloween people- Halloween Horror Nights and Not So Scary Halloween people... I've always been more of a 'not so scary' person myself. I was so excited to attend Mickey's Halloween party and indulge in all of the vegan friendly trick or treating options for 2022!

Aside from the special Boo To You Parade, Sanderson Sister Stage Show, and of course the Villain Spectacular Fireworks- trick-or-treating around Magic Kingdom is one of the highlights of attending Mickey's Halloween party. This is also the only time adults are allowed to be in full costume while visiting Magic Kingdom theme park!

My bestie Cassie went as Tinkerbell and I went as Minnie Mouse! Half the fun was seeing everyones outfits- my favorite were the families that dressed as characters from the same movies (like Incredibles or Toy Story to name a few). We got to meet some fun characters that aren't normally out- like Captain Jack Sparrow, Jafar, and even Alice in Wonderland with The Mad Hatter! They had special effects for some of the rides- like Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Pirates of the Caribbean- plus shows by the Ghosts of Dapper Dans.

Right at 4PM we checked in for the event, got our wristbands, and our trick-or-treat bags. The event began right at 7PM- and there were SO many treat stations set up around the theme park! Cast members would grab a handful of candy from their bin and deposit it into your treat bag as you went by, but for allergen friendly folks like me, we got a blue chip that read "Please redeem for allergy-friendly treats."

There were two allergen-friendly treat locations- one inside of Liberty Square and the other right at the park exit. After scoring a number of treat chips, we would stop by for me to stock up on vegan-friendly chocolate treats. The cast member would ask what your dietary restrictions were, and then offer specific candies based on your answer. As a vegan, I needed egg, milk, and honey free treats- which included EnjoyLife chocolate bars (dark and rice milk), Cocoa Loco Chocolate bars, and Free2B Dark Chocolate Sun Cups! As a chocolate fanatic, I was in vegan heaven!

Have you ever been to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party before?

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