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Lunch in the park with Doshibox Korean Kitchen

With all of this beautiful weather we’ve been having, I really couldn’t wait to have my first spring picnic. Having such a busy schedule, I was excited to get take out from Doshibox and enjoy lunch at Park of the Americas.

Doshibox Korean Kitchen is a virtual kitchen, meaning they only have take out and delivery. You’ll find them on DoorDash and Uber or order pick up directly from their website. I absolutely love Korean food and was SO excited to learn about their vegan options.

They features rotating menus, which is great because there’s always something new to look forward to! Their made from scratch philosophy really sets them apart from other takeout and delivery places.

For my vegan lunch, I got the Braised Tofu Rice Bowl with broccoli tofu, steamed eggplant, soy-braised peanuts, and spicy pickled cucumbers with a House Salad with Yuja Perilla Dressing. The dressing was amazing and the soy-braised peanuts were such a nice touch. There was a whole block of tofu and I couldn’t help but eat every bite- the sauce and texture was on point.

My friend got their infamous Korean Fried Chicken Doshirak Box (Spicy Gochujang), their most popular signature item! Not only was the presentation stunning, but the food was nicely organized in a perfect box. They even included a description of what each item was and what was in it. From fried chicken, marinated beef, a rolled egg omelet, and steamed eggplant just to name a few.

I also love that they included napkins and chopsticks. That’s right, no plastic wear here! I can’t wait to go back and try some of their rotating vegan options. Have you tried the magic of Doshibox yet?

Doshibox Korean Kitchen

4400a Curry Ford Rd. Orlando, FL 32812

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