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Little Black Dress November - Marlow's Tavern

The official Orlando Girls Night Out monthly themed networking events are back in full swing! We absolutely loved all of your Little Black Dresses for our November event. It is so nice for all of us to have one night (at least!) each month to get dressed up, hang with the girls, and network with likeminded women in our community.

VENUE SPONSOR: We are so grateful to Marlow's Tavern - Lee Vista for hosting our November event. Their chic style and casual-yet-upscale dining was the perfect theme to match our Little Black Dresses. We enjoyed delicious cocktails and wine, amazing food, and a fabulous time networking together on their outdoor patio.


What really helps our GNO networking events stand out is that we showcase local businesses at each event. Each month we’ll have 2-5 local businesses set up and network or sell their products. This is another great way we can help connect local ladies and businesses in and around Orlando.

Jonah Jewels with Keisha

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Bridgette's Chalkin' Boutique

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U-GLO Jewelry with Heather

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Princess Inspired Nails with Anita

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Featured Photographer:

Brion Price

website facebook instagram

You can find the entire album on his website here.

Raffle Prize Winners:


Be sure to check out our instagram and facebook page for more photos, videos, and reels!

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