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Let's Celebrate National Doughnut Day!

Happy national doughnut day!! The only thing I love more than {vegan} cookies would have to be {vegan} doughnuts. My all-time favorite doughnut place here in Orlando has to be VooDoo Doughnut at Universal CityWalk!

I always wondered what the craze behind the infamous 'little pink box' was. Being vegan for sixteen years, most places that were wildly popular didn't have vegan options- so I didn't even think to look. My friend surprised me one day with my own little pink box and said, "Kaylee! I saw vegan on the menu and got you one!" To which I could barely form words.

I could hardly contain my excitement- not only was the donut 100% vegan friendly, but it had chocolate icing with raspberry jelly inside- never have I ever had a {plant based} jelly filled doughnut! The doughnut was gone in a matter of seconds and I was fighting the urge to go order a dozen more that second.

Since then, I have returned to VooDoo to try some of their other vegan options. Some of my other favorites include Dirt (with chocolate cookies on top), Maple Cream, and School Daze PB&J. I was also shocked to see their doughnuts ranged from $2-5 each and they have options to order by the dozen!

I love that so many mainstream companies have opened up their menus and hearts to add vegan options. The best thing about having vegan items is that everyone can eat them- carnivores, omnivores, vegetarians, and vegans. I feel blessed to live in a time where this is becoming a normal (and quite popular) option for people with a rainbow of diets!

VooDoo Doughnut Orlando

6000 Universal Blvd, Orlando, FL 32819

Sunday - Thursday 8AM - 12AM

Friday - Saturday 8AM - 1AM

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