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Impossible Burger – HOB Orlando

Let me tell you about the ~best~ vegan meal of my life.

Back in 2018, House of Blues debuted their Impossible Burger. My family and I always made sure to stop at HOB for live music on the porch and daily happy hour specials when in Disney, so I already knew and loved this place. Living in Fort Lauderdale at the time, I first heard of the burger on social media, and could not wait to get my hands on the latest and greatest at Disney Springs in Orlando.

My mother and I arrived shortly after they opened at 11AM that day, I was practically running through the front door to our bar stools at the bar inside. Before Tina could even pour my wine, I shouted out about the Impossible Burger that I had come for. Even the non-vegans said this burger was amazing, and Tina was pleasantly sharing my excitement. She asked if I wanted a singular patty or double (I chose single) and I got fries to go with it (their array of BBQ sauces has been a long time fave of mine) and my mother ordered her infamous Cobb salad.

Since they had just opened, our food came out super fast and I, OF COURSE, had to get a photo to rave about how excited I was. Tina captured this amazing photo practically centered at the HOB bar, and I was happy with my cheesy caption on my IG account.

I had tried impossible burgers before, but none like this. Most places don’t have vegan sauce or vegan cheese, but this one did. Oh yes, it did. They use vegan American cheese, shredded lettuce, secret sauce, and pickles to make this plate of deliciousness. That was the first time I ever ate a meal that large in front of my family. Being vegan makes it hard to eat out, and most places only have ‘salads with no cheese’ or a ‘vegan burger on a bun with ketchup.’ Facing these boring options before, you can see why I was so full of excitement.

We finished eating and remained at our bar stools until 5PM when Ed Wright started playing live music out front on the porch. We moved outside, drank (Ed tells knee slapper Dad jokes and every time he says ‘3’ everyone takes a sip of their drink! So much fun), danced, and sang along with our favorite local artist all night. This was even better than any other night at HOB, and I will never forget my first perfect Impossible Burger.

Two years later, I still cannot go more than 3 months without indulging myself with HOB. Sometimes when we’re there all day I even order two the same day. Now that I am living about 15 minutes from Walt Disney World, I plan to visit much more frequently for my burger, wine, and music.

House of Blues Orlando Location: West side of Disney Springs in Walt Disney World 1490 E Buena Vista Drive, Orlando, FL 32830

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