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Hot Jou Jou Passion Party!

What could possibly be as much fun as a girls night out? A girls night in Passion Party with Hot Jou Jou, of course!

Let me introduce you to the Hot Jou Jou LLC founders, sisters Jazzmen and Jessica Bey. You may recognize Jazzmen and Ashley as a Featured Local Business from our September Girls Night Out Event, or as attendees in the past. These girls are so sweet and we love getting to support them as they grow their small business!

I got to attend the first EVER Hot Jou Jou Passion Party this month. Let me tell you- we had an absolute blast! Our friend Michelle hosted us at her house with yummy foods and drinks. As soon as I arrived, I could sense the excitement and fun in the room already! I was welcomed with a shot (which could be water or vodka) and we dove into some fun games.

First up was the cucumber / condom challenge. This had us all giggling away as we tried to cover our cucumbers the most. We also played a game of Hot Jou Jou Bingo throughout the night, where we had to take a drink if we crossed off a box that applied to us. We laughed the night away as we all got to know each other way more than before. It was really great to let our guards down and have fun with the girls!

We couldn't wait for the product display and explanations! Jazzmen and Jessica then went through their table of goodies and recommended different products based on our wants and needs. It was a really educational experience as well, and it was freeing to openly discuss these types of things with your girlfriends! Then Jazzmen and Jessica recorded some interviews with us (which of course we did after the vodka/water challenge!) as the other girls selected their goodies to take home.

I love getting to see women flourish, follow their dreams, and get support from their friends! It was also a lot of fun hanging out with these girlfriends outside of a public social setting and getting to know everyone on a deeper level.

You can also find Jazzmen and Jessica as Featured Local Businesses at our Galentine's February 20th event this coming Monday! Don't forget to RSVP your ticket here!

If you haven't checked out their website already, what are you waiting for!?

website Facebook instagram

p.s. don't forget to invite me to your next Passion Party! :-)

More photos:

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