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for the first time ever… i’m a universal annual passholder!

My family has always been a Disney family. From California to Florida, every aunt and uncle and cousin and grandparent. Going to Disneyland was so magical as a kid, and I was blown away when I first visited Walt Disney World. When I turned 15, my mother decided to buy into the DVC (Disney Vacation Club) and we started going even more. We bought annual passes each year and ‘Universal’ was like saying ‘Voldemort’ in my family. I was the only Harry Potter nerd (like I still have my collector’s edition of the books from when I was in elementary school!) so it was a pretty big shock to my family if I asked to try Universal one trip so I could see the magical land of Harry Potter.

I hadn’t ever been back to Universal until my best friend’s birthday. This is where he convinced me I needed the perks of the premier pass instead of the seasonal pass I had purchased. Free early park entry, free valet parking, free Universal Express (like a fastpass) after 4PM, and free access to special events and concerts!? I mean the difference was $300 down and $13 more a month. See breakdown here. He was explaining to me how people here do both Disney AND Universal.

What’re your thoughts on Universal and/or Disney?

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