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FLORA Plant Based Cuisine – Ecuadorian Food Special

Not only do I love trying new foods and meeting new people, but I absolutely love supporting a great cause. Paulette + Yoshi are the owners of The FLORA Plant Based Cuisine food truck that travels all around Orlando. Not only do they give people an amazing products (healthy, sustainable products with a fabulous taste and zero waste) but they do it ALL to help their homeland- the amazon jungle of Ecuador. Everything was cooked in their food truck and brought out on catering platters- it was super cute and equally delicious.

We checked in at the from of Non’s Place and were greeted by the owners- Kathy and Matt. Then we headed into the backyard to be completely astonished with how beautiful it was! We literally felt like we had been transported to the jungle. There was so much life in each plant and tree. They had a covered patio attached to their art studio, a large amount of space for relaxing, dancing, and chilling out. They even have a small stage in the back right corner with a pop-up bar hosted by GuestHouse.

I love that they created a family style event to educate locals about how to help the world we live in become a better place for everyone. They had a guest speaker who helps people create their own “Living with the Land” lifestyle. Why pay for bottled water from around the globe, when we can collect rain water ourselves… for free? Why pay for imported vegetables that could have been sprayed with pesticides or genetically modified to mass produce… when you can feed a whole family of four from of a garden on less than one acre of land? Food for thought.

Featured Food (in order of photos)

  • Hornado Con Llapingachos – baked jackfruit (vegan pulled pork), mote (type of white corn), chulpi (crispy corn), Llapingachos (potato tortillas), agrio (tomato, onion, coriander salad), avocado + sweet plantain

  • Sopa De Bolas De Verde – Ecuadorian’s favorite soup with green plantain balls, peanut sauce, and veggies

  • Guatita – brown rice, portabella mushrooms and potatoes in peanut sauce, sweet plantain, lettuce + tomato + onion salad, and avocado

After everyone got their food, there was a guest speaker talking about how to be more environmentally conscious. He encourages people to grow more plants and support themselves with the land they live on, and even passed out seeds for us to grow at home. Then, Yoshi took the stage and explained more about their purpose. I love that 100% of Flora Plant Based Cuisine’s income goes to saving the Amazon Jungle of Ecuador.

Flora is 100% plant based, and they are committed to supporting the #RegenerativeCulture project to help humans as a whole get back to living with the land and wasting less. This is their 6th project working to support this movement! They strictly use organic, non-GMO, and local non-processed ingredients to serve delicious plant based food options. You can taste the love in their food, which makes it that much better!

They had a special bottle of Agave Spirit, Ecuador’s 1st distilled drink, as the giveaway prize for the end of the night. This is a tequila that you sip to celebrate and enjoy, not to get drunk, and is a staple to the Ecuadorian culture. Instead of giving the bottle to one person, they decided to open it up and share a shot with everyone from the event! This goes to show how selfless these people are, how much they care for the planet, and how they want to show love for people and spread happiness.

Flora Plant Based Cuisine

676 Cherry Street Winter Park, FL 32789, US

Hours (Unless they are at an event) Thursday 12pm – 8pm Friday 12pm – 8pm Saturday 12pm – 8pm Sunday 12pm – 4pm

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