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First Time Home Buyer Seminar - Top Golf Lake Mary

It can be overwhelming thinking about buying your first home.. I personally had no idea where to start. I was so excited to attend Andrew Webb and Omar Cotto's First Time Home Buyer Seminar this past week at Top Golf in Lake Mary!

Andrew Webb is a Loan Officer with Cross Country Mortgage who partners with Omar Cotto, a Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Realty. The seminar was held in a private room- where they had a presentation on the screen to compliment their seminar. They started with the basics- what you need prior to buying a house. I thought it was a simple as finding a home you liked, meeting a realtor, and having some money saved up... and I was SO wrong!

They gave us a mini-history lesson on the home buying market in America for us to better understand why it is the way it is today. They described the importance of credit scores, what affects that, and how much to have saved up to actually buy something. They broke down the entire home-buying process, from home inspections to lending fees and all. It was an overload of information for someone that was completely clueless like me, but in the end I felt excited and ready to take on this next venture!

During the seminar, they served chips and salsa and our server brought out drinks. Non-alcoholics were included with the seminar, but you could also opt for a drink from the bar. After an hour and a half of learning and questions, they opened the private room door to our 2 bays for golfing.

Dinner was included with the seminar, and of course I got the veggie burger with fries and BBQ sauce (no cheese, please!). I tried one of their delicious cocktails- our server recommended MULLIGAN - Tito’s Handmade Vodka, St-Germain Elderflower, lemon juice, soda, strawberry, mint, and it was delicious!

This was a family-friendly event, so some attendees brought their kids along too. We all enjoyed mingling, swinging some golf balls around, and discussing the ins and outs of home buying through the next hour or so. I met another friend my age, Patrell, who was in the same boat as me- and it was great to know I'm not alone!

Andrew and Omar answered so many of our questions, and really helped us understand the entire process of buying a home. I'm excited to sit down with Andrew and dive deeper into my personal finances and life plans to see what type of options I have moving forward. After the adulting part is over, then Omar can step in and help find me my dream home!

Check out Andrew's website here and check out Omar's website here!

Have you purchased a home before? What are your thoughts on home buying at the moment?

Top Golf Lake Mary

1010 Greenwood Blvd, Lake Mary, FL 32746

Sunday - Thursday 10AM - 11PM

Friday & Saturday 10AM - 12PM

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