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Embodiment Ceremony - June 18th in Fort Lauderdale - Sarah Gia Grant

Feeling stressed, overworked, or tired? Don't forget to fill your cup so you can help others fill theirs!

I am so excited to attend Sarah Gia Grant's Embodiment Ceremony IN PERSON this Saturday June 18th in Fort Lauderdale! There are still tickets available for her Ceremony this Saturday at 10AM. Check out her socials below to learn more, get your ticket, and even hear how this has helped so many women transform their lives with just the first time. Let go of the tension, girl!

Sarah's Embodiment Ceremony uses positive mantras, dance, meditation, sound, and more to help you feel more connected with your inner-self. Learning to find inner-peace is a constant lesson we get to practice each and every day. Some days we may feel more centered than others- and that is totally normal! However, it is of utter importance that we take time to focus on our inner-beauty, inner-joy, and inner-love - and that's exactly what Sarah helps you do.

Although there are so many different ways you can meditate and let loose, it really helps to have some guidance when trying to turn the thinking part of your brain off to allow you body and soul to align closer together.

Since I work on Sunday's currently, I got to catch the replay of her Zoom Embodiment Ceremony from last week- and I felt AMAZING afterward. I can't wait to attend in person and would love for you to join us in sharing positive energy with each other and the world!

Sarah Gia Grant

Embodiment Ceremony




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