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Earl of Sandwich Vegan Options 2023 - Updated!

Over the holiday season of 2022, I finally got around to trying the new Vegan Cannonballs Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich in Disney Springs. I had family in town over spring break the first week of April and we were wandering around Disney Springs one night- and I remembered the delicious vegan sandwich!!

I headed on over to Earl of Sandwich around 9:45PM and there was no line (referring to my last trip where I waited about 25 minutes to order around 5PM on a holiday weekend). While I waited, I helped myself to the fountain machine and even had time to get a refill on Vitamin Water before my food was ready. As soon as my buzzer went off, I ran to get my little brown bag.

I looked inside and saw the perfectly wrapped red, blue, and silver foil with the green 'Vegan' sticker, but I didn't notice the tater tots I got last time. Of course I had to ask, and was informed by the manager that they had a change about 2 weeks ago where they completely removed tater tots from the menu. Although they didn't have many other vegan options, I really like how cute their rainbow cake is for sale by the registers (featured).

They insisted I grab a bag of chips instead- so I opted for Miss Vickie's Sea Salt because all of the other flavors contained milk. The sandwich itself was still as amazing as I remembered, but I am pretty bummed about their menu change.

Have you been to Earl of Sandwich lately?

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