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DIY White Blonde Hair at Home

I have to give credit where it is due- first to my roommate for suggesting I YouTube white blonde hair videos. Second, to Brittnee Alexus for sharing her easy tutorial online videos showing how to color your own blonde at home.

For about a decade, I was obsessed with having yellow Barbie blonde hair. It was easy to manage and I could effortlessly color my own hair with a $10 bleach kit from Sally's. People always asked me where I got my hair done, so I thought it looked pretty good!

Last year, I decided to go white, and went to a salon in Orlando. It's not that I didn't love getting my hair done. It's not that I didn't love my new Orlando stylist.

I realized I needed to create a savings plan and cut corners anywhere I could... I started by going every 4 months instead of the ideal 6-week touch up. This meant my roots were even longer, which meant more color and more money. I was spending almost $300-$400 dollars every time I got my hair done.

Thanks to Brittnee from Youtube, I spent $25 at Sally's and still have enough coloring products to do my hair at least once more! Plus, I can do my touch-up whenever I want!

Her video was extremely descriptive and she talked about all different hair types. Luckily, my hair was very similar to hers, so it made it even easier. I am forever grateful and had to show my love!

I get so many compliments on my hair, and I feel guilty saying I did it myself! Thank you so much, Brittany! Check out the tutorial I used here!

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