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Dirty Heads Orlando Vacation at the Central Florida Fair Ampitheatre


Saturday July 24th, 2021 – The Orlando Amphitheatre

It was easy to find the Central Florida Fair with Google Maps, and the big signs they had out front. Parking was $20 cash only in the fields out front and lots of parking assistants were directing traffic. We then headed in to check in- there was a ticket booth, 2020 Rollover Check In, and VIP Check In. VIP doors opened at 12:45PM, regular admission at 1PM and the party began!

We even had VIP security! I would highly recommend VIP at the Orlando Amphitheatre for any concert for the perks- shorter lines for everything.

There were so many people! There was an official merchandise tent in addition to all the other vendors and pop ups. Vizzy had a mobile cart, Vuse had a trailer, Monster had a few tents, and a bunch of clothing and merchandise vendors. They had a hibachi food truck, ice cream truck, acai truck, and a few other fun food and drink options.

With our Ultimate VIP tickets, we got 4 free drink tickets to use in the VIP section near the main stage. We walked around for a bit, enjoyed a refreshing and free Monster (thanks for sponsoring the event!) and then headed to the VIP. To the right of the stage up front there was a big sign “VIP” where we would show our badges to get through. They had a few lounge chairs set up, a secure locker area for person belongings, our own bathrooms (a fancy trailer, but better than a porter) as well as a closed off area up to the stage for only VIPs. I was SO pumped! My friend was most excited for Sublime with Rome, so we got close to the stage for that. We grabbed some Liquid Death waters (the only water they sold, which looks like a beer bottle) and a few Vizzy’s and headed into the crowd of fans.

I was most excited about seeing the Dirty Heads and the stadium was almost completely full, so we stayed in our places during the 30-minute break. Everyone was going crazy as DH started to play and we screamed along to the first 6 songs before we decided to go out and get water and air. The concert was completely sold out, I couldn’t even see the end of the crowd from where we were standing. We hung out by the bar for the rest of the show (we had enough room to dance and breathe!) and I was completely blown away by the performances!

The VIP line was way shorter to get out and right next to the exit. We got in the car quickly and headed for the exit when everyone else did the same, and we were stuck for about 30 minutes. Once traffic was more organized and flowing, everyone was able to get out and on the road.

Overall, I was impressed with the venue and the performances! I loved the Orlando Vacation mural they had painted onto a wall of the Ampitheatre, easy access to food/water/restrooms, and the number of employees they had staffed to organize traffic. Dirty Heads is my all-time favorite band and I’ve been lucky to see them in concert multiple times. It’s now safe to say I prefer a smaller venue to see them so I can get closer and feel more connected.

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