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Decluttering + Helping our Community

I wasn’t kidding when I told y’all I was turning into a minimalist. I’ve come a long way from my hoarding days. I used Google Maps to search “local thrift stores” and found Russel Home Thrift Store. I was outside taking some photos before I entered the store and the store owner, Alvin, came out to say hello. I told him I was new to the area, and was looking for a local thrift store to support rather than a large corporation.

I could feel Alvin’s passion as he told me about how his grandmother had started The Russel Home for Atypical Children, Inc. back in 1951, so this is truly a family business. His father ran the store until he became very sick and asked Alvin to come to Orlando and help. Alvin fell in love with the Home and how much they help the community, and he ended up taking over as the store manager when his father passed. Alvin runs the show with only one rockstar employee, Kaki!

These guys donate 100% of their proceeds to The Russel Home for Atypical Children, Inc. They’re a non-profit organization that also refuses any financial assistance from the government. The Russel’s wanted to stay true to their original ideas, and will help anyone who truly needs it. Their funding allows the Russell Home to host activities like dance and music classes for their children and child-like-adults. They accept donations around back until 2PM Thursday – Saturday.

I of course had to do some shopping myself! They have a rack with ‘just in’ items that is 50% off the ticketed price. I got a Kate Spade crossbody for $12.50, a brand new with tags bikini for $4, white heels (pictured) for $3, and jewelry for $5 and under. They even have a bathroom / dressing room that’s super cute so I took a selfie in the mirror (pictured). Alvin knew most of the customers that came in while I was there, and they all told me great things about how they help the community, so people love to help them.

This only made it easier for my minimalist mind to stay in tact- I couldn’t wait to get home and select more ‘stuff’ for donating. If you’re looking to donate from your spring cleaning, I highly recommend supporting a cause like this!

Russell Home Thrift Store Tues – Fri 10AM – 5:30PM The Russell Home for Atypical Children, Inc.

5521 S Orange Avenue Sat 9AM – 4PM 510 Holden Avenue

Orlando, FL 32839 Closed Sun & Mon Orlando, FL 32839

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