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Chill Cryosauna Orlando Review

The new year has become a time when people focus on health and wellness. From cutting down on meat consumption to attending the gym on a regular basis- we all have different versions of what healthy looks like to us. As a vegan of 17 years, I have always found myself more attracted to the holistic approach rather than medicinal, and I was so excited to discover Chill Cryosauna!

From whole body cryotherapy, leg compressions, precision massages, gallons of alkaline water, facials, and more- they literally have something that would make any human feel amazing. They focus on helping their clients find recovery, pain management, health & wellness, and increase their mood & energy with a more holistic approach.

I would firstly recommend their health and wellness check- which includes a short finger scan to help read your strengths and weaknesses. With those results, you'll see what areas of your mental and physical health need more attention! Based on your personal needs and wants, their team will help you decide what treatments may be best for you.

Using red light therapy to chilling cryosauna, vibration therapy to neuropathy and kessela physique- there are so many things to choose from! Although I would have picked one of each myself, it's important to understand your body and your specific needs.

Chill Cryosauna hosts a variety of sports teams while visiting the Orlando area to help prevent injuries and promote wellness in their players. They have machines you can use on-site (like the Kessela Physique or NeuroCarePro) or you could opt to purchase your own device directly from them.

I was excited to experience my first cryo-facial, which helps reduce pain and inflammation, increase circulation and recovery, improve sleep, decrease anxiety, tighten skin, reduce redness/wrinkles/fine lines, and boost your immune system among other benefits. The air was very cool at first, but my skin tightened up within a matter of minutes!

I was also excited to learn the benefits of Alkaline water. I know a few people that would love to have their own Alkaline Water machines at home- because there are so many health benefits! Alkalized water removed chemicals, restructures water molecules to improve hydration, and increases the ph balance to add more oxygen. You can dilute your water more or less for flavor/strength, and feel results within minutes.

Brooke and Karen, two of Chill Cryosauna's team members, have attended our Girls Night Out events in the past- and I was excited to help support their business for their holiday party this year! I'm excited to learn new ways to make my body feel good in 2023, and hoping the same for all of you!

Have you ever been to Chill Cryosauna before?

Chill Cryosauna

8803 Futures Dr Ste 12-101, Orlando, FL 32819

Wednesday, Friday & Monday - 11AM to 5PM

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