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#bartacoMargaritaMarch Girls Night Out

We were so excited to celebrate with bartaco for the second year in a row for their #bartacoMargaritaMarch campaign! As much as I love the traditional menu at bartaco (cough cough the Pineapple Margarita), I absolutely love trying their new and fresh flavors during March.

February Local Businesses:

Total Life Changes with Eve

website instagram linktree

U-GLO Jewelry with Heather

website facebook instagram


Brion Price

website facebook instagram

You can find the entire album on his website here.

Although we did get caught in a rainstorm towards the end of the event, we moved the party inside and had a wonderful evening!

Special Shoutout to Semper Laser Hair Removal Orlando for the 'Free Small Area' Coupons and Grand Prize $800 Gift Certificate!

Thanks so much to our amazing hosts at bartaco Dr. Phillips for the amazing venue, food, and drinks.

More Event Photos:

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