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bartaco at home- feat. la granada

bartaco kicked off their #bartacoMargaritaMarch five week celebration on National Margarita Day (2/22). As much as I love margaritas in general, I love that they turned this into a five week long celebration of margs. Since I moved to the Orlando area last month, everyone has been raving about bartaco’s amazing drinks and delectable food options. Being a huge margarita and taco fan myself, I couldn’t wait to try them out!

In celebration, they are featuring a different seasonal margarita each week of this month. We went on the mobile bartaco app, selected our pick up location (Dr. Philips is closest), and added our items to the cart. After a long day at the pool, we were excited for #bartacoathome , although they offer these seasonals for dine in or take out. Since my favorite color is pink, I was looking forward to trying their la granada marg {offered March 2 -9).

I love that they offer curbside and delivery services, but I had heard so much about bartaco from my friends that I couldn’t wait to check out the place myself. We arrived around 6:20PM on a Wednesday and there was a pretty long line at the host stand. I saw the “take out” sign near the back of the restaurant, so we headed on over. Since we had already paid on the bartaco app (thanks, Apple Pay!) they gave us our bags and we headed home to dig into our bags of goodies.

The la granada margarita was even better than I was hoping! Not only did it match my outfit, but let me tell you- this marg was spectacular. With Libelula joven tequila + fresh pomegranate + tangerine + mint + lime + ginger agave syrup + orange blossom water, it was so refreshing and easy to drink. It was full of flavor and very light, unlike some flavored margs that are too syrupy.

We unintentionally ordered the same thing (although mine was vegan). We each got a rice bowl and taco; mine was cauliflower, my friend’s was mojo pork carnitas. I loved that all of the vegetables were so fresh and vibrant with color! Not only did it look great for instagram, but the taste was absolutely amazing. We also got an order of guacamole and chips to share, which I did a very bad job at… it was that good. I can be kind of snooty when it comes to guac- I like it fresh, perfectly seasoned, and semi spicy. Using handmashed avocado (loved the chunky texture), lime juice, serrano chiles, and onion… It was love at first bite.

The hardest part about this whole experience was deciding what to eat! At the top of the mobile app, the first option is cocktails, so of course we started there (two la granada margs, please!). They have taco packs, rice bowls, family packs, tacos (pick-up only), not tacos, sides, desserts, beverages, wine, beer, and dessert.

#bartacoMargaritaMarch is going on through the 31st, but be sure to try the la granad on or before the 9th. Where else can you find a marg made with orange blossom water? YUM! They’ll offer the verde cooler, ernesto en jalisco, and mango chamoy margarits through the rest of the month. Check out their website here for more details and to find the bartaco nearest you.

Have you discovered the amazingness of bartaco before? This was my first time ever trying them, and I already can’t wait to go back. I may have to come back sooner to get my lips on that mango chamoy marg! 🙂


7600 Dr Phillips Blvd Suite 28 Orlando, FL 32819

sun – thurs 11AM – 10PM

fri + sat 11AM – 11PM

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