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A Joke Off with Carmen Vallone – Orlando Improv at ICON Park

I was invited by my friend Brianna to attend A Joke Off at the Orlando Improv Comedy Theatre & Restaurant at ICON park this past Saturday. Brianna and I became friends because we’re both vegan, and I was delighted to learn her and her boyfriend are both local comedians. Boy, do I love to laugh!

I didn’t realize how many parking garages there are around ICON, but there’s one that connects to the movie and improv theatres, by the way. Plus, the theatre will validate your parking for only $2. The show began right at 7PM! Carmen Vallone hosted a great night of laughs.

Basically, it was one comedian versus another in one minute rounds. Carmen asked the audience for a topic each round, and they had one minute to make jokes. After each round, the audience would clap for the best one, and the winner went on to the next round. One round was about Elmo, another was about sex toys, and one was about the pandemic, just a few examples. They made jokes about anything and everything! I was literally crying I laughed so hard.

Brianna told me the Rubber Chicken drink was really good, so we had those and shared a basket of french fries (both vegan friendly).

As each round continued, the jokes got better and better. I don’t know how they can think that fast on stage with everyone staring! The final round, Brianna shouted out the word “vegan” and it was so fun to see them to tease our lifestyle.

The winner was absolutely hilarious – a seventeen year old who goes by Cap… Captain Wright! They asked them about their favorite childhood memory and he replied (something like), “well I since I’m still a child… I guess this” HA! He even came prepared wearing a homemade ‘Joke Off 2021’ Belt.

I loved the whole atmosphere- these guys were all friends, making fun jokes, and just out to have a good time. No hard feelings, no pressure, and no taking jokes the wrong way. Comedy is meant to be funny and light-hearted, which is something we could all use a little more of nowadays. Have you checked our Orlando Improv at ICON?

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