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6 Ways to Support your Local Businesses (without spending money)

Who here likes to see women supporting women?

Who here has a friend that owns their own business?

Who here would rather help a family buy groceries than support a large corporation?

2020 has taken it’s toll on all of us- from kids being forced to learn from home, businesses being forced to close, borders being closed, amongst people loosing their jobs, homes, and livelihoods. I’m not one to judge who had it the hardest. Speaking from personal experience, a lot of us were forced out of our comfortable careers and forced to choose a new path. Many of us chose the path of entrepreneurship.

You may not like your friend’s brand, you may not have a need for your friend’s brand, and you may not use your friend’s brand… but you can still find ways to support them! Here’s a few tips how:

  1. Go to their events! Most of the time events are FREE admission. They’ll even do raffles or giveaways for attendees, but showing up will make them feel good and show your support (without even spending a dime)!

  2. Like and Comment on their Posts. Even if it’s not something that you would use yourself. Helping them get that interaction on social media will allow their posts to be shown to a broader audience.

  3. Share their Posts. Again, you may not like or need their products, but I’m sure one of your 1,000+ Facebook friends could use it. Networking is the best kind of marketing. You may not know your friend is looking for a moving company… but Susan heading to Florida was so excited you shared about a local moving company.

  4. Talk About It! Say you’re having lunch and a friend mentions she’s looking for a new hair stylist in town. It doesn’t hurt to let them know your girlfriend runs her own hair salon!

  5. Write Them a Review. You may not be able to give first-hand experience to their products/services, but even a small comment about the integrity of their business could help them land a few possible customers.

  6. Take Photos + Tag Them. Something like ‘Shoutout to my girlfriend Ashley for rocking her local biz!’ could help convince someone looking for a local company to hire your friend Ashley. People do business with people they know, like, and trust. Or even with someone who is known, liked, and trusted.

We’re at a point in time where Amazon, Yelp, and Google reviews help shape our shopping and eating habits.

How many times do you see “Looking for recommendations…” on Facebook? Social media is the newest form of communication when it comes to finding new businesses. Whether someone is new to the area, visiting, or just looking to try something new in a town they’ve lived their whole lives… you could help them support your friend’s business simply by endorsing them.

Speaking of supporting local women, don’t forget to RSVP for our next Girl’s Night Out event at American Social on April 13th! You can reserve your free ticket here.

What are some of your favorite ways to support local businesses? I’m a shopaholic myself, but I love supporting businesses in all kinds of ways!

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